Thursday, April 16, 2015

Album Spotlight: Halestorm: Into The Wild Life

I will admit it. I am enthralled with Lzzy Hale. My daughter said I was a fan girl. OK. But I prefer fan boy.

But I'm not a blind follower. Of anyone. I may love an artist and have all of their previous work, but if the new stuff is not up to par, I'm gonna call it out.

The new Halestorm record, Into The Wild Life, exceeded any expectations I had.

Is every song for everybody? Nope. Is there something there for everyone? I say yes.

It seems as though all of the influences over the years come through in this record, but not in a nostalgic way, but in a new and fresh way.

With Halestorm, heavy rock will always be their base. That's who they are, unapologetically. I don't know what their influences are, but when listening to the album, I hear Michael Jackson, country, industrial, classic rock, rhythm and blues, heavy metal and funk. And when I listen to the record again, I'll hear something else.

Here's the joy in listening to the record, the next song is not going to sound like the last. For some people that may be a turn off. For me, that's magical. I love the unexpected, especially if it's good.

I will offer this caveat, if you're easily offended, skip this. It ain't for everyone, but if you're a real music fan, check it out.

Here's the vid for "Apocolyptic".

And today, it may change tomorrow, but this may be favorite song on the record, "Bad Girls World".

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