Thursday, April 9, 2015

Album Spotlight: Delta Rae: After It All

I just stumbled onto Delta Rae about two weeks ago. And wow, am I glad I did. I was prepared to do a spotlight on After It All based on the merits of the record. Then they went and live-streamed a concert on Yahoo! Now I'm even more impressed.

It's like if you threw Fleetwood Mac and Little Big Town in a blender and added a pinch of Jim Steinman. Go figure that one out.

If you get nothing else from this, go see Delta Rae if they are anywhere in your area. And buy the record. You can thank me later.

I've said it before, and this may continue to be my mantra, I don't know what genre Delta Rae falls into other my go to: good music.

Ethereal at times, highly percussive at others with outstanding vocals throughout, this is a band that should be huge.

One of the perks of discovering a band that has more than one record out is that you get to hear the back catalog like it's new. And their 2012 album Carry The Fire is every bit as good as the new record.

Here's a taste I haven't yet shared.

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