Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whiskey Myers and Halestorm: I Would Pay to See That

You know what I'd like to see?  Whiskey Myers and Halestorm in concert.  On the same bill.

I'm well aware that one is a Red Dirt Country outfit from Texas and the other a hard rock band from Pennsylvania.  Not a whole lot in common on the surface.

Dig a little deeper and the similarities are there.  Both are extremely good at what they do.  Both are guitar driven for the most part.  Both feature American music at its best.

My mind wanders at times and I think about stuff like this, but an actual tour of two seemingly dissimilar bands could be beneficial to both.  Take my example.  While a full-scale national tour might not be the best undertaking, a couple of regional tours would make sense.  Whiskey Myers would headline a leg in Texas, Oklahoma, etc. while Halestorm would headline a series of shows in Pennsylvania and the rest of their stomping grounds.  Both bands get exposure to an audience that might not normally find them.  Win/win.

I just use those two as an example because they happen to be my two favorite bands at the moment.  But, really, it could work with countless pairings.  But this is my blog, so I'm sticking with what I would want to see.

Really, just a pipe dream, but can you blame a guy for trying?

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