Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time for Some Real Football

Thank you, college football.  Real games start tomorrow (8/30/12).  Games that count. Not some glorified scrimmage masquerading as a contest between opposing factions. Yeah, we see you, NFL.

Being fans of the Dallas Cowboys, who held their final overpriced, fan-screwing, pocket-lining exhibition of 2012, we almost successfully navigated our team's preseason schedule without being subjected to any of it.  While surfing channels in the first or second week, we stumbled upon a Cowboys game and stayed long enough to see a bad snap on a punt turn into to a first down.  We then quickly found a rerun of Storage Wars (or somesuch).

With the MLB pennant and wild card races heating up, the U.S. Open going on and football for real starting, no thanks NFL.  If there is no other reason to watch tomorrow night, the Pirate, Mike Leach, returns to the sideline with Washington State taking on BYU.  Should be fun.

There's also UCLA/Rice and South Carolina/Vanderbilt.  Texas A&M's first game as a member of the SEC will be pushed back a week as their game against Louisiana Tech has been pushed back to October 13 because of Isaac.

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