Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential Town Hall plus Sports Stuff

We admit that we did not watch the entire "town hall" presidential candidate debate.  We do deeply care about the future of this great country.  This debate, however, did nothing to further our support of either candidate.

From our view here in the Cheap Seats, we pretty much saw all we could stomach in our ten minutes of viewing.  If this farcical atrocity swayed anyone's vote one way or the other, said swayee would be better off staying home and making a nice potato soup than venturing out to their polling booth.

Neither candidate looked good in our limited viewing.  The only thing that was apparent was their tangible hatred of each other.

In the meantime, the Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander is good.  He goes 8 1/3 against the Evil Empire (though depleted as they are, still the Evil Empire, and no, we do not delight in the Derek Jeter injury) to give the Motor City Kitties a commanding three games to none lead in the ALCS.

Also, in some Sun Belt Conference action, the Mean Green of North Texas took out Louisiana-Lafayette (or U-La-La as we prefer) in a very entertaining game.  The presidential debate would have been more entertaining had they discussed the relative merits of MACtion vs. WACtion vs. SBCtion.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jon Acuff, Cee Lo Green and Semantics

We love to play semantics, we really do.  So any opportunity to do so, we will take.

Jon Acuff tweeted something along the lines of this earlier (and yes, it is a paraphrase, we could do the whole screencap thing here and post the original tweet, but we're really just not cool like that):  "Cee Lo Green said to one of the guys on the Voice that he was equally incomparable with another guy.  Incomparable means without equal.  #Tricky."  If you want other such insights, you can follow @jonacuff.

Sure, it seems reasonable to question such a statement at first glance.  But if we dig a little deeper, it makes perfect sense.

Equally incomparable, using Jon's definition, means equally without equal.  If I'm without equal and you are without equal, who's to say that either is more without equal than the other.  So, therefore, can we not be equally without equal?  Equally incomparable?

Semantics can be fun.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Losing Weight, #CFBUniWatch

OK.  I admit it.

I'm overweight.

I should lose about 70 pounds.  My goal is 50.

There.  I've said it.  The pounds should start melting away just because I decided to lose weight. No pills, no fads, just gonna do it.  Shouldn't it be that easy?

Realistically, it's going to take time.  I also think 50 is a realistic goal.  It may be at a snail's pace, but it can and will be done.

I'm so far out of shape that the whole process is going to take time.  I can't just start running miles per day.  I've got to work up to everything.  Many years of sedation do not get erased in one morning.

Some may scoff, but I have started  by walking 2.5 miles at least three times per week. Watching portion sizes.  Baby steps.  It's working so far.  I've lost 5 pounds.  Not much, but a start. No pills, no fads.  Just trying to live healthier.

This blog will not become a personal diary on my quest to lose weight.  From time to time I may update my progress, but it will  be in passing, not as a focus.

 And while I'm here:  Time for a little College Football Uniform Watch.

Not much going on this Saturday, but West Virginia and the gray helmets.  Yep, that was your downfall in losing to Texas Tech.  Forget the facts that your offense was anemic and your defense was a sieve.  It's all about the unis.

As I write at the moment, South Carolina is on the field against LSU in what can only be categorized as an atrocity.  The gray on gray is NOT working.  While we don't have a dog in the hunt, we were pulling for  SC to take out LSU in Death Valley until they took the field with costumes.  Their best defensive player's last name is Clowney.  No need to dress the entire team like clowns.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Perspective and Balance

Exactly when did being a fan of a particular team go from supporting said team to ripping each and every shortcoming?  With the proliferation of sports talk radio, sports talk radio on TV, shows consisting of highly opinionated people loudly making, sometimes fallacious, points, we can see where fans might become confused, ripping their favorite team instead of rooting for their favorite team.  Because that's what everybody does - tear people down.

Here in the Cheap Seats, we are unabashed fans of the Texas Rangers.  Yes, the end of the season was very disappointing.  Even more so considering the high expectations and the fact that they led the A's by 13 games as late as June.  And needed to win only one game in the season-ending series in Oakland to clinch the division title.  Sure, it sucks to put it mildly.  But really, it's just sports.  Move on.

LSU lost a college football game today against a ranked Florida team on the road.  LSU's offense was inept. As it was last year.  For reference see both games against Alabama.

Judging by Tweets and facebook posts, one might conclude that both Texas and LSU went on marauding sprees, killing firstborn children and molesting women immediately after their respective games.  They were also the most disgraceful, inept and stupid collection of players to ever be assembled, led by incompetents who should never work in their preferred field again.

Of course it's perfectly right to criticize your favorite team.  That's just part of the deal.  But to come completely unhinged and emotionally unstable?  Maybe an intervention or professional therapy is needed.

Perspective and balance, folks.  Just a nice way of saying "Get a life."

Texas Rangers, Mike Trout, MVP and Bevo

For the one or two people who read the blog, we apologize for the lack of consistency lately.  We're still trying to figure out where this is going.

However, here are some thoughts going into the weekend:

Texas Rangers Baseball
For all those bandwagon fans who are ripping the team, stop it.  Yes, it is terribly disappointing how this team collapsed its way into the Wild Card game.  Once there, the performance left much to be desired.

But come on, these last three years have been amazing.  Back to back World Series appearances.  While the final results have been far less than stellar, remember where we came from.

The Mike Trout/Miguel Cabrera Debate for MVP
We have made our thoughts know on this subject.  Where would the Angels be without Mike Trout?  Exactly where they are now.  At home.  Watching the playoffs on television.

Where would the Tigers be without Miguel Cabrera?  Probably cozying up on a couch with the Angels.  The triple crown is a bonus for Cabrera.

There have  been some great arguments made as to why leading a team to the playoffs should not factor into the MVP vote.  First and foremost is that Detroit had a worse record than Anaheim/California/Los Angeles. Tough break, Trout.  You play in a really good division.

If the award were for best player, most outstanding player, then I'm all over Trout. But most "valuable"?  Not so much.

EDSBS: Every Day Should Be Saturday
Now we finally get into the meat of the college football schedule. Less Savannah State, more top 25 vs. top 25.

We are curious to see if Geno Smith and West Virginia will be able to make fajitas out of Bevo and thatTexas defense.

Georgia and South Carolina is also on the radar.  Among others.

Don't forget to check out #CFBUniWatch on Twitter every Saturday, where we become fashion police.