Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Track Cycling

Huge caveat right up front:  I do NOT understand the intricacies of track cycling.  After watching the finals of the men's "sprint", it confuses me to no end.

This is a 300 meter raced billed as a sprint.  So, the cyclists get to the starting line, propped up by their, what, coach? official propper-upper? handler? - I don't know, really immaterial.  The race starts and both riders take off at.........a snail's pace?

Yes, I understand there is strategy involved, but I don't understand why a competitor has not figured out that he/she could take off like a bat out of hell and just beat anyone to the finish just because they are faster.  I don't know, maybe it's against the rules.  It would be like the 100 meters in track starting out with everyone walking, then at some point someone takes off and dares the rest to catch him/her.

I love seeing all the under-the-radar sports that get coverage during the Olympic Games.  Some I just don't understand.  This is one.

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