Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hope Solo on ESPN's E:60

Just watched the Hope Solo segment on ESPN's E:60.  Jeremey Schaap conducted the interview. Jeremy Schaap: consummate professional.

Let it be known that the Cheap Seats are huge fans of the 1999 team that won the World Cup.  We are also  big Hope Solo fans.

The most poignant thing to come out of the interview was this statement by Solo: "jshe took her shirt off after scoring the winning penalty kick but that doesn't make her a great commentator, and certainly doesn't mean she knows the game".   Maybe Fox, CBS, ESPN, et al could take that to heart.  Too many bad announcers in all sports, getting jobs just because they were successful on the field.

The Cheap Seats has been a fan of Hope Solo before and during her benching in favor of Brianna Scurry (no offense to Scurry), which started the Solo bashing.

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