Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Thoughts 8/9/12

First of all congratulations are in order for the American soccer squad.  Great win.  And apparently Hope Solo was in goal for the match and actually made a couple of saves (I'm looking at you, Brandi Chastain).

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings captured their third consecutive gold medal in beach volleyball.  In the process, losing only one set.  Remarkable end to a remarkable run for those two.  There is something magical about witnessing greatness.  And that is what they have provided the past eight years and more.  Now Misty has retired, playing the last match of her career in London.  Kerri says she will continue with another partner, setting her sights on the next Olympic Games in Brazil.  Good for Kerri, but know it will never be the same.

Now, to the Lolo Jones saga.  People in the media, social media and around the water cooler ripping her.  For what?  Four years ago, she was on her way to gold before hitting the second to last hurdle.  Hurdles are an unforgiving mistress.  She has the American record in the event, world titles, etc.  She took advantage of all that and maximized her marketing potential. No sins there.  She finished fourth in the London Olympics.  After having back surgery and working her ass off to get back to elite status.  Her story should be celebrated.

If you want to get mad at someone, blame the media.  The media has been complicit in building her up, I guess just to make it easy to tear her down, so it seems. In fact, the journalistic excrement that was linked in my previous post elicited an apology of sorts from that newspaper's public editor.  Time to give it a rest.

How fast could Usain Bolt be in the 200 if he actually ran 200 meters?  Never have I seen him finish a race that he was leading;.  But really, what a talent.  And what a joy to watch.  Someone actually having fun during competition.  If he really wanted to, could he break the 19 second barrier?  We may never know.

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