Sunday, September 23, 2012

Winners and Losers in the College Football Uniform Watch

Here in the Cheap Seats, we sometimes yell at kids to get off our lawn.  Sometimes we get a little cranky.  We are not fans of most of the "alternate" uniforms spotted in the college football landscape these days.  We will try to have a synopsis here every week, but for those that need more real time info, check out Twitter hashtag #CFBUniWatch on Saturdays.  And sometimes Thursdays and Fridays.

This part of the entry is usually going to be very short - see above.

Oregon - We never now what to expect from the Ducks week-to-week.  This week they went fairly traditional (for Oregon) and it worked.

Rutgers - I don't think their's is an alternate uni, but the sleek silver and scarlet look they now sport on the road (haven't seen them at home yet) is very attractive.

Virginia Tech - The camo look they had going on with the all white unis was a definite upgrade from the atrocious Maroon and Orange combo that is their usual look.  Any combination of that is bad.

Missouri - If this drab gray and mustard combo is what the SEC move has wrought, they have lost even before they step on the field.

West Virginia - See Missouri above, only substitute Big 12 for SEC.

Arkansas - Now, they have much bigger problems than fashion, but still.  For us mostly it was the white helmets with the faint Razorback outline.  This is Woo Pig Soooie.  Red headgear with the distinctive hog outline, please.

Utah - We thought we were watching Cincinnati.  No disrespect to the Bearcats, but the Utes are supposed to feature red.

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