Monday, September 17, 2012

Can Faith Hill Just Let Janis Rest in Peace?

We were watching some country music fest on ABC earlier and caught Faith Hill doing "Piece of My Heart".  This begs the question: Why?  First, here is the music video to document the original hatchet job Hill did on this classic song.

While the live version we saw tonight was not near this bad, it still wasn't good.  The above video caused us never to take any of Ms. Hill's music seriously.  Maybe she has been performing this live for years.  Maybe her fans like it.  But for the love of everything right and good in the world, please stop this atrocity and let Janis Joplin have some peace.

Which reminds us, exactly when was the last time Faith Hill was relevant?  Sure she has the whole Sunday Night Football gig.  With a Joan Jett song.  At least Hank Jr. used his own song.  Watching her tonight trying to do her best Carrie Underwood was sad at best.  Really more pathetic than anything else.

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