Tuesday, September 4, 2012

US Open 2012: Roddick survives for another day

Andy Roddick's farewell US Open lives one more day.  With play suspended due to rain with Roddick and Juan Martin Del Potro just starting a first set tie-breaker, the rains came.  Roddick won the first point of the tie-break, so Del Potro will be serving down 0-1 when play resumes.

Who does this favor?  We think both players, to a certain degree.  Roddick alrealy leading the tie-break, has the first set advantage in our opinion.  However, with the urgency with which Del Potro left the grounds at Flushing Meadows, maybe the delay will give him a chance to get himself together.

This match leaves us here in the Cheap Seats somewhat conflicted.  While we are on record as predicting a surprise Del Potro US Open championship, how can we really root against Roddick?  Wouldn't another major title in his final tournament be the ultimate farewell?

Match of the Tournament
Victoria Azarenka's three set victory over defending champion Samantha Stosur in a thrid set tie-break (7-5) was the match of the tournament thus far.  Men or women.  After so many lop-sided matches (especially in prime time) this was a great match.

Rain, rain go away
Where we live, rain and more rain would be a welcome site.  At the US Open, not so much.  And while they  can't control the atmosphere, the UTSA deserves some blame here if the men's final ends up being on a Monday once again.

First and foremost, the idiotic three day first round.  Weather permitting, let's get everyone into the second round by end of play on the first Tuesday.  Give yourselves some leeway for when the almost inevitable weather comes.  I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express at some point in my life.  That makes an expert on pretty much everything.

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