Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Del Potro Handles a Tough Situation With Class

It had to be tough.  Knowing you were about to end someone's career.  Not only that, but on your opponents home turf.

Such was the task for Juan Martin Del Potro defeating Andy Roddick in his last match.

There are going to be many, many recaps of Roddick's fine career littering the web in the next 24 hours.  Here in the Cheap Seats, we will mostly concur with everything written.  While Andy has not been our favorite, we have always been a fan. He carried the American men's tennis torch by himself for many years.

Here we want to give some love to Del Potro.  After he ended Roddick's career, what ensued was one of the classiest demonstrations I have seen in sport.  DelPo did not fist pump, he did not celebrate. He slowly walked to the net and embraced Roddick, had a brief exchange and took a seat.

By this time, Del Potro had won over most of the crowd with his demeanor.  With his on court interview, we think he won many new fans.

Del Potro could easily have been the villain, just by being the guy who ended Roddick's career.  The way he handled himself at the end of the match quashed any of that.  We have always liked Del Potro.  Now he may have become one of our favorites.

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