Sunday, September 23, 2012

Open Letter to Rangers Fans

Dear Fans of the Texas Rangers,

Here in the Cheap Seats, we appreciate the overwhelming support of our Rangers by everyone involved, whether you have been a fan for 40 years or 40 minutes.

We have been here for most of the 40 years.  We were here when Tom Grieve (TAG) was a player.  We were here for three managers in two days.  We remember Ferguson Jenkins, Toby Harrah, Buddy Bell, Bump Wills, Jim Sundberg, Jeff Burroughs, Mike Hargrove, Gaylord Perry, Mickey Rivers, Odibe McDowell, Steve Buechele, Gabe Kapler, Charlie Hough, etc., etc.

We suffered through managers such as Frank Lucchesi, Billy Hunter, Pat Corales, Darrell Johnson, Doug Rader, Bobby Valentine, Toby Harrah, Kevin Kennedy and Jerry Narron.  We have seen "names" such as Ted Williams, Whitey Herzog, Billy Martin and Don Zimmer come and go.  We have seen two pretty good managers in Johnny Oates and Buck Showalter come through.

We have seen owners such as Tom Hicks, George Bush, Brad Corbett, and Eddie Chiles.

Right now we have an ownership group headed by Nolan Ryan.  Jon Daniels as general manager and Ron Washington as the field manager.  This group has taken the Rangers to back-to-back world series.  In the 37 years of franchise history before this trifecta, our Rangers had won exactly one playoff game.

Don't become Red Sox Nation or the Evil Empire.  Realize that this is special.  Realize that we could be fans of the Astros, or the Royals, or the Rockies, or the Pirates, or........well, you get the picture.

If the manager decides to call for a bunt in the eighth inning of a game in which the offense has been inept and it fails, it is not the end of the world.  We will take the last two years with the "worst manager in baseball" over the previous 37 any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Just a little perspective.


Long time Rangers fans in the Cheap Seats

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