Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NFL Survivor Pick: Week 2 Preliminary

If there is anything that comes close to the Week One trepidation in picking NFL Survivor pools, it is Week Two.  The key is not to over react to anything that happened in Week One.  Week Two is still a time to play it safe in our opinion.

We will have full analysis later this week, but with the NFL playing Thursday games most weeks, we want to  give some quick picks before the Thursday games in case your picks are due before the first game of the week.

As for the Thursday night game, Chicago/Green Bay?  Stay away.  The Packers will probably be better than their season-opening loss to San Francisco indicated and are early 5 1/2 point favorites over the Bears.  With the short week, this is one to stay away from this early in the season.

The safest pick this week is New England over Arizona.  Others worth considering are NYG over Tampa, San Francisco over Detroit, Houston over Jacksonville and Cincinnati over Cleveland.

If you want to just survive this week and not worry about any considerations later in the season, then the Patriots are your pick.  Depending the level of risk you're comfortable with, the Giants are a good play.  This may be the only time that the Bengals will be a good play all season, but it is a division game.  The Niners could come down a bit after the big win over Green Bay and the Lions should be better (Matt Stafford we're talking to you) than the squeaker they pulled out in week one.  The Texans should win, but are on the road.

The detailed analysis along with our pick will come later this week.

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