Friday, September 28, 2012

Enjoy the Texas Rangers Post Season

Our Texas Rangers are on the verge of their third straight playoff appearance.  We are just as excited this year as we were two years ago.  Or in the late nineties.

Our advice is to never let it get old.  Or taken for granted.  Ask the fans of the Royals.  What would they give for one playoff appearance?

The 2012 is both fun and frustrating.  They never give up, except when they do.  They can come back from a six run deficit or be totally inept in a 1-0 loss.  The pitching can carry for while, the bats can carry for a while.  Ian Kinsler can throw the ball into the stands or turn an amazing double play.  Josh Hamilton can wave helplessly at breaking balls for weeks or can hit 242 homeruns in a homestand.  Derek Holland can be the best pitcher in baseball for a month or can give up 108 runs in a third of an inning.

They lost two fifths of their starting rotation.  They have seen the entire lineup slump for an extended period.  They have won a total of nine games in a month.

But you know what?  Their magic number is three with six games to play.  They hold a four game lead over Oakland.  They will be in the playoffs.

Enjoy this.  It doesn't happen all the time.

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