Thursday, June 5, 2014

CMT Music Awards:Eric Church and Lzzy Hale: That's Damn Rock & Roll

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I wrote about the Eric Church and Halestorm pairing before. I though it was an interesting, maybe even good, idea. Although that had to do with Halestorm opening for Church on his current tour.

At the CMT Music Awards this idea went a bit further when Church performed with Halestorm frontwoman and leader Lzzy Hale on Church's song "That's Damn Rock & Roll".

And it was damn rock & roll. Nope, wasn't country, but that ship left port a long time ago. The best country performance was put in by LeaAnn Womack and Kacey Musgraves in their Alan Jackson tribute. But I digress.

Full disclosure here. I'm a big fan of Halestorm and Lzzy Hale's vocals specifically. While Church is a good enough vocalist in his own right, he could never bring to that song what Hale did: soaring, powerhouse, straight up rock vocals.

Right now what I'm most disappointed about is that the Halestorm leg of Church's tour gets no closer than 13 hours away from me.

And if the YouTube video gets taken down, here's a link to their performance at the CMT Awards.

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  1. I'll cop to liking Halestorm quite a bit. Lzzy Hale has some otherworldly pipes on her. And it may be true that the whole "country vs. rock" ship sailed a long time ago — but I still can't help but bemoan that as I sit here listening to George Strait, who plays his very last live show tonight in Dallas...

    1. I'm not exactly happy that the ship sailed, just saying that it has. I'm not in favor of a huge mono-genre. In fact, I would like to be able to find a rock station that plays predominately new stuff (maybe San Antonio has one, here in the sticks of San Angelo, we don't).

      I would like to find a country station that plays country. I would like for pop to have some guitar. I would like a lot of things to happen.

      In the meantime, I'm going to feature stuff I like. And regardless of whether it was country or not (and it wasn't), that was a good performance.

      And I'm not believing that tonight is George's very last live show. Maybe I'm wrong.

    2. Oh man, I wish we had a rock station that played new rock. As it is, we have two classic rock stations and a station that is supposed to be active rock but whose playlist most likely comprises all the music they were playing right after the grunge explosion — Nirvana, STP, the Smashing Pumpkins and all that. I do like the classic rock stations, though, as they throw in stuff from bands like Queensryche, Triumph, and Iron Maiden as opposed to the same old Stairway to Hotel Freebird playlist that every other classic rock station in the land does. (Sorry if I sounded confrontational! It would've been dumb of me to think we would have had the same opinions on everything…)

      I hope tonight's not the last time for George. I've seen him 16 times since 1996, but I'd love to catch at least a couple more shows.

    3. No need to apologize, I didn't think it was confrontational, I just felt the need to clarify. And no, I don't share the same opinions on EVERYTHING with ANYBODY. But I do think we share a lot of the same sensibilities on music.

      Our classic rock station does play Triumph, Maiden and Queensryche as well. It's neither Cumulus nor Clear Channel. But we do have a rock station that is supposed to be more modern, but I'm much more likely to hear Aerosmith on there than I am to hear Avenged Sevenfold or Halestorm. As you said, they are kinda stuck in the post grunge era. They seem to be really enamored with Green Day, for whatever reason.