Friday, January 4, 2013

The Demise of New Year's Day

New Year's Day used to be one of our favorite days of the year.  And it had nothing to do with a new year, but all about the college football bowl games.

Multiple games being played at the same time.  For at least 12 straight hours.  It was nirvana for fans of college football.  Then, it all changed.  Sure, there are still some good games on NYD.  But there is not that sense of accomplishment from switching channels, trying not to miss a scoring play or turnover from any of the two, three or four games being played simultaneously.

Now, we get four or five games on January 1, then the rest of the BCS games spread out over the next week until it all culminates with the BCS trophy game. Meh.

We understand television and television money rule the game now.  So much so that game attendance doesn't even matter.  It's all about household viewership and advertising money.

So far, we have not seen much of the two games played after January 1.  Some by design, some by circumstances.  But we would have been glued to our TV sets had these games been played a few days ago.

Yeah, we're getting older.  Pining for days past.  Doesn't mean we resist change.  Just change that is more of a regression than a progression.  Looking forward to the 2014 season and the end of the BCS and the beginning of a new playoff system for CFB.

In the meantime, get off of my lawn, you kids.

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