Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Owning It

Recently we were picking up someone from DFW airport flying internationally.  All international passengers must go through customs and exit through the same door that enters into a common area where those waiting for the passengers are gathered.  The exit is lined with short fence-like barricades on both sides with people lined up waiting for their party to arrive.

This creates a kind of red carpet scenario.  Most people just look for their party or look down and proceed through.  But one individual owned the moment.

She walked through the doors and upon seeing all the people lined up began waving and blowing kisses in both directions.  We thought it was awesome.

This got us to thinking.  We really should all start owning more.  Not just moments.

You're a fan of wrestling?

"Wrestling is fake."

"Oh yeah?  Let me jump off the top rope and land on you.  Scripted?  Definitely.  Fake?  Let's find out."

Own it.

Your favorite TV show of all time is "Charles in Charge"?

"Worst show ever."

"Really?  Apparently you just didn't get it.  And the awesomeness of Jennifer Runyon was totally lost on you."

Own it.

You think mullets are cool?

"That was the stupidest look ever?"

"Business in front, party in back?  We'll see how well your faux hawk holds up 20 years down the road."

Own it.

Whatever it is.  Own it.  It is part of the sum.  It is what makes the whole.

Don't be sheepish.  Own it like a boss.  Detractors be damned.

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