Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PED's or Should They Now be Referred to PE's

Ok the most recent round of athletes being accused or outed as users of performance enhancing drugs (PED's) or in the case of S.W.A.T.S., performance enhancers (PE's?,  because really negatively charged water and hologram stickers cannot be called drugs) really has us thinking:  What's the big deal?

It is pretty much a given that athletes striving to become the best at their profession will go to great lengths to improve their performance.  It should not really surpise us that this would include, well, just about anything.

Deer antler spray?  Does it work?  Possibly?  Sure give me some.

There are millions at dollars at stake here.  If you don't think a player is going to try to gain every possible advantage, you're delusional.

What is most comical to us is the voters for the Baseball Hall of Fame who will never, ever, ever, ever, never.  Ever.  Vote for a player who used PED's


Because we wish every player currently enshrined who ever used any typed of PED would come out tomorrow.  We think the results would bathe the sanctimonious in hypocrisy.

But that's just speculation.

Professional sport entertains us.  Nothing less, nothing more.  And quite frankly, we are entertained by dudes hitting 500-foot blasts and 6'4", 280 pounders running a 4.4 laying out someone.  To be disgusted at how they achieved this level of performance while at the same time marveling at  every home run and big they make is very hypocritcal.

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  1. Professional sports' disdain for performance enhancing drugs will likely take a hit if/when drugs, therapies, devices come on the market that significantly improve health spans. It will be difficult to ban a substance that prevents Alzheimer's or adds a year or two to healthy life span.