Saturday, January 5, 2013

BCS Trophy Game: Farcicle

Alabama and Notre Dame will play for the BCS trophy on Monday night, farcically labeled the National Championship.  Good for whichever team prevails.  But if you watched the Cotton Bowl, you saw the best team in the country right now.

Texas A&M is the best team in college football right now.  Were they the best throughout the entire?  Probably not.  But this was a team that started the season with a new coach and and a redshirt freshman at quarterback.  It took some time to gel.

The postponement of their season opener hurt, as we discussed earlier.  And the coming four-team playoff would not remedy the situation, as we broached that subject as well.

Congratulations to the Aggies on a great season.  Johnny Manziel comes back.  But not all of the starters do.  Don't expect a BCS trophy game contender next year.  Not that it can't happen, just don't expect it.

The college football post season is broken.  Steps are being made in right direction. But we aren't there yet.

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