Thursday, January 15, 2015

Michael Bolton, Bruce Kulick and Blackjack

Blue eyed soul crooner Michael Bolton and former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick were once in a band together. I did not that know that until today. And I find that fascinating.

The short-lived band Blackjack released a self-titled album in 1979. Along with Bolton and Kulick, the band was made up of bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Sandy Gennaro. What a lineup. Had they stuck together through the MTV era, who knows what might have happened.

I dug up an old video of Blackjack via youtube. The band's sound is a bit reminiscent of Bad Company. And if you watch the video, I would swear that Harry Shearer based his look in Spinal Tap from Haslip's look at this time.

This is interesting to me. Hope you enjoy.

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