Saturday, January 10, 2015

Everybody Is From Somewhere

I stole the title of this post from Scott Van Pelt, SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, co-host of the SVP & Russillo Show on ESPN Radio.

That's what Van Pelt says: "Everybody is from somewhere." What does that mean? To make it personal, it means that I'm from Texas, closer to Dallas than Houston. So my teams are the Cowboys and Rangers and to a lesser extent the Mavericks, Spurs and Stars. I didn't go to an FBS college (Division II for me), so I gravitate towards Big 12 schools. I have a rooting interest.

You know what? People in sports media are also from somewhere. They all have teams they grew up rooting for, colleges they attended. Pretty much all are fans first. That's why they got into the business.

That's why it amuses me when they are called out for supporting their teams. Especially when they are not involved in the broadcast of the game. And just throw out something on social media. I think we should all be amazed that they are able to keep their rooting interests in check when it matters.

I actually enjoy knowing who these sports media personalities root for. It makes them more human/approachable. I know that Mike Greenberg is a Jets fan. I know that Linda Cohn is a NYRangers fan. I know that Brad Gilbert is a Raiders fan. I know that Charissa Thompson is a Seahawks fan. And you know what? That's alright.

And you don't think Kirk Herbstreit is a Buckeyes fan? Or Danny Ka
nell a Seminoles fan? Or Jesse Palmer and Tim Tebow Florida fans? Laughable.

We are all from somewhere. Embrace it.

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