Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chicks That Rock: HAIM,Live Is Better

I'm a big proponent of live music. I love going to shows. Rarely have I been disappointed. While it may not be perfect, there is just something special about seeing a band perform their songs in a live setting.

Some bands pull it off better than others.

And right here, we veer off onto a rabbit trail. I'm talking about bands or artists with real backing bands who actually play the music they perform. Not lip synced, not sung to a backing track (although enhancements are forgiven for some stuff), but actual musicians playing actual music.

Conversely, on very few occasions, there are artists who have a live show that totally blows away what they did in the studio. Don't misunderstand. There are a ton of artists who put on a great live show that is better than their studio work. But I'm talking about something that makes the studio offerings pointless.

I found one. HAM. A band that takes their name from the surname of the three sisters in the band.

I caught some of their set on AXStv from Coachella. They rocked. Smoking guitar licks. Rhythmically interesting. And Este's "bass faces". I was excited to check out more from them.

Upon listening to the studio stuff, I was more than disappointed. It was nothing like the live show. Subdued, overproduced, uninspired shclock. But unleashed on stage, they come alive.

I realize this is personal taste, but I will give you the following examples. I also would go see them live.

But would not purchase the album.

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