Monday, December 16, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys: The World Has Ended (or not)

In the age of social media, it is almost as entertaining on facebook and Twitter as watching the actual games. Did we say "almost"? Many times it is more entertaining.

We are long time fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Some have given up. We have too much blue and silver in the veins to do that. But our happiness does not depend on them.

One facebook friend effectively "divorced" himself from the Cowboys after the debacle in Chicago. However, he was back for a reconciliation a week later, saying he couldn't stay away from the misery. Which gives us a good reason to link the following video (Any chance we get to promote good music.......)

So there's that. Another said it is hard being a Cowboys fan right now. Another posted pics of Tom Landry, Clint Murchison, Gil Brandt, Roger Staubach, "Doomsday", etc. Longing for the "good ol' days". 

Twitter was a maelstrom of activity. Blame Tony Romo, the defense, Jason Garrett, Monte Kiffin, injuries Bill Calahan, Ron Washington. All had a hand in it. OK, maybe not Wash, but he gets blamed for everything else.

We root for the Cowboys each and every week. Hoping they win. But now that's not even that important. Do something to entertain us. On that coun,t they rarely disappoint. Go blow for blow with Peyton Manning and Denver? Check. Improbable fourth quarter comeback? Check. Inconceivable second half collapse? Check. Check. And check.

The defense is beyond horrible. The play calling is not much better. Romo will be Romo. Watch the games. Watch Twitter. Watch facebook. The best reality series out there.

We don't get depressed, angry or despondent after another Cowboy collapse. We turn to social media and smile. Because we just don't take it that seriously.

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  1. You are correct on all counts, imo. If I took it seriously I would be much more insane than is the norm. A good bit of harmless venting assists in maintaining perspective. A friend of mine recently said that he refused to get upset at spoiled millionaires who care not at all about him. Touche' that.