Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Farewell to the BCS

This is officially the end of the BCS era of college football. In 2014 we go to a four team playoff with the four teams determined by a selection committee. Good luck with that.

We were never fans of the BCS, but not for the obvious reasons. In our view, the BCS got it right more times than not in matching the top two teams in a game. Obviously, not without controversy. Auburn and USC have the best cases. But for the most part, it worked.

Our biggest beef with the BCS (aside the idiotic moniker, which we will explain later) is that it ruined New Year's Day. We realize now that television would have eventually done that, but the BCS accelerated things.

New Year's Day used to mean some parades in the morning while we cooked some sort of hangover curing concoction for breakfast. Then we had the Cotton Bowl along with some bowl games in Florida with good matchups. The Rose Bowl was mid-afternoon can't miss viewing. Then the Sugar and Orange Bowls capped off the night.

That was always a fun day for college football fans.

We were always a fan of abolishing the BCS for the reasons mentioned above, not to get a FOUR team playoff. That's just ludicrous. Four creates more controversy than two. Just look at this year.

Florida State, undefeated, would be in. Then everybody else has at least one loss. OK, a one loss Auburn as SEC champ gets in. Then what? Michigan State and Baylor are one loss champs of the Big 10 and Big 12 respectively. Alabama and Ohio State are one loss teams that are not conference champs. Two loss Stanford is really good. You make the call.

Eight teams is the way to go. In our opinion anyway.

We will leave you with this: BCS. Bowl Championship Series.

What a misnomer. There never was a series. Ever.

We always called the "BCS National Championship Game" the "BCS Trophy Bowl". Because that's what it has always been. A bowl game for the BCS trophy.

Next year, the controversy will not go away. It will just take a different form.

We still love college football.

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