Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential Town Hall plus Sports Stuff

We admit that we did not watch the entire "town hall" presidential candidate debate.  We do deeply care about the future of this great country.  This debate, however, did nothing to further our support of either candidate.

From our view here in the Cheap Seats, we pretty much saw all we could stomach in our ten minutes of viewing.  If this farcical atrocity swayed anyone's vote one way or the other, said swayee would be better off staying home and making a nice potato soup than venturing out to their polling booth.

Neither candidate looked good in our limited viewing.  The only thing that was apparent was their tangible hatred of each other.

In the meantime, the Detroit Tigers' Justin Verlander is good.  He goes 8 1/3 against the Evil Empire (though depleted as they are, still the Evil Empire, and no, we do not delight in the Derek Jeter injury) to give the Motor City Kitties a commanding three games to none lead in the ALCS.

Also, in some Sun Belt Conference action, the Mean Green of North Texas took out Louisiana-Lafayette (or U-La-La as we prefer) in a very entertaining game.  The presidential debate would have been more entertaining had they discussed the relative merits of MACtion vs. WACtion vs. SBCtion.

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