Saturday, October 6, 2012

Texas Rangers, Mike Trout, MVP and Bevo

For the one or two people who read the blog, we apologize for the lack of consistency lately.  We're still trying to figure out where this is going.

However, here are some thoughts going into the weekend:

Texas Rangers Baseball
For all those bandwagon fans who are ripping the team, stop it.  Yes, it is terribly disappointing how this team collapsed its way into the Wild Card game.  Once there, the performance left much to be desired.

But come on, these last three years have been amazing.  Back to back World Series appearances.  While the final results have been far less than stellar, remember where we came from.

The Mike Trout/Miguel Cabrera Debate for MVP
We have made our thoughts know on this subject.  Where would the Angels be without Mike Trout?  Exactly where they are now.  At home.  Watching the playoffs on television.

Where would the Tigers be without Miguel Cabrera?  Probably cozying up on a couch with the Angels.  The triple crown is a bonus for Cabrera.

There have  been some great arguments made as to why leading a team to the playoffs should not factor into the MVP vote.  First and foremost is that Detroit had a worse record than Anaheim/California/Los Angeles. Tough break, Trout.  You play in a really good division.

If the award were for best player, most outstanding player, then I'm all over Trout. But most "valuable"?  Not so much.

EDSBS: Every Day Should Be Saturday
Now we finally get into the meat of the college football schedule. Less Savannah State, more top 25 vs. top 25.

We are curious to see if Geno Smith and West Virginia will be able to make fajitas out of Bevo and thatTexas defense.

Georgia and South Carolina is also on the radar.  Among others.

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  1. Should be an interesting day of college games.