Saturday, October 6, 2012

Perspective and Balance

Exactly when did being a fan of a particular team go from supporting said team to ripping each and every shortcoming?  With the proliferation of sports talk radio, sports talk radio on TV, shows consisting of highly opinionated people loudly making, sometimes fallacious, points, we can see where fans might become confused, ripping their favorite team instead of rooting for their favorite team.  Because that's what everybody does - tear people down.

Here in the Cheap Seats, we are unabashed fans of the Texas Rangers.  Yes, the end of the season was very disappointing.  Even more so considering the high expectations and the fact that they led the A's by 13 games as late as June.  And needed to win only one game in the season-ending series in Oakland to clinch the division title.  Sure, it sucks to put it mildly.  But really, it's just sports.  Move on.

LSU lost a college football game today against a ranked Florida team on the road.  LSU's offense was inept. As it was last year.  For reference see both games against Alabama.

Judging by Tweets and facebook posts, one might conclude that both Texas and LSU went on marauding sprees, killing firstborn children and molesting women immediately after their respective games.  They were also the most disgraceful, inept and stupid collection of players to ever be assembled, led by incompetents who should never work in their preferred field again.

Of course it's perfectly right to criticize your favorite team.  That's just part of the deal.  But to come completely unhinged and emotionally unstable?  Maybe an intervention or professional therapy is needed.

Perspective and balance, folks.  Just a nice way of saying "Get a life."

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