Monday, October 15, 2012

Jon Acuff, Cee Lo Green and Semantics

We love to play semantics, we really do.  So any opportunity to do so, we will take.

Jon Acuff tweeted something along the lines of this earlier (and yes, it is a paraphrase, we could do the whole screencap thing here and post the original tweet, but we're really just not cool like that):  "Cee Lo Green said to one of the guys on the Voice that he was equally incomparable with another guy.  Incomparable means without equal.  #Tricky."  If you want other such insights, you can follow @jonacuff.

Sure, it seems reasonable to question such a statement at first glance.  But if we dig a little deeper, it makes perfect sense.

Equally incomparable, using Jon's definition, means equally without equal.  If I'm without equal and you are without equal, who's to say that either is more without equal than the other.  So, therefore, can we not be equally without equal?  Equally incomparable?

Semantics can be fun.

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