Sunday, November 4, 2012

Notre Dame: Overrated and Overblown

Many claim that college football is better when Notre Dame is good.  We, however, do not subscribe to this.  In fact, we believe college football is worse when Notre Dame is good.

Let's explore this, shall we?

The past few years, while Notre Dame has been irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, CFB has flourished.  CFB has shown, over and over again, it is not dependent on the Fighting Irish and their overblown sense of self worth.

One might contend that CFB has never been more popular across the country as a whole.  And Notre Dame had absolutely zero to do with this. CFB has thrived as ND has floundered.

Now, here's the real rub.  Even as ND has been nowhere near the BCS trophy game conversation in recent years, they still garnered way too much media attention.

"Will Notre Dame ever get back to a place of relevance?"

While we are old enough to remember when ND was in the national title hunt almost every year, there is a whole generation that must wonder what all the fuss is about.  Now that they actually are, help us all.

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  1. Yes indeed. Help us all. They've had the perfect storm of overrated opponents to boost their overblown self worth even further.