Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Album Spotlight: Rob Baird: Wrong Side of the River

Memphis born and Texas seasoned, Rob Baird brings some cache to his music. His most recent album, Wrong Side of the River, was released earlier in 2016. I just found it about a month ago. I've been sitting on it ever since, not knowing exactly what to write other than "It's really good."

After giving it a fair amount of spins (everyday for the past month) I've come to the following conclusion: Wrong Side of the River is really, really good.

The album sounds familiar and comfortable while pushing boundaries and your comfort level.

There are songs on the album that will please the country purists, there are songs that will appeal to the Texas/Red Dirt crowd, there are songs imbedded in Americana, and there is swamp.

If any of the above appeals to you, Rob Baird can deliver. Enough words, here are some videos.

"Run of Good Luck"

"Wrong Side of the River"

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