Friday, July 1, 2016

Free For All Friday: Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner has always been one of my favorite singers in rock, most notably during his stint in Rainbow and collaborating with super shredder Yngwie Malmsteen.

Turner's band Sunstorm put out an album, Edge of Tomorrow, in May of 2016. I'll have to say, it has that classic hard rock sound. Here is the title track from the album:

Inarguably, the height of guitarist Malmsteen's popularity and appeal came when Turner was his vocalist. While Yngwie is an incredible guitarist, it took a collaboration with Joe Lynn Turner for him to be known outside of musician circles. Here is Heaven Tonight from Odyssey, Malsmsteens highest charting album ever.

The first I became aware of Joe Lynn Turner was when he was in Rainbow with Ritchie Blackmore. While "Street of Dreams" was more popular, I was always partial to more of the album cuts and this one, "Stone Cold", with Blackmore looking particularly disinterested, as he is prone to do:

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