Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Texas Rangers, Ian Kinsler and Laundry

A lot of people are up in arms over the comments of Ian Kinsler in a recent edition of ESPN the Magazine. He called Rangers general manager a sleazeball and said he hopes the Rangers go 0-162 for the season.

Kinsler later backtracked a bit and said the comments were taken out of context, etc., etc.  Whatever.

There was much consternation over Josh Hamilton's parting comments a couple of years ago saying Arlington was not a baseball town.

Here's the deal. Kinsler and Hamilton are no longer Texas Rangers. They don't wear the laundry of my favorite team.

Baseball is a business. Don't get too attached to the players. In this day and age of free agency, chances are your favorite player is going to change teams. Get over it.

Whatever roving band of bat-wielding mercenaries is currently wearing my favorite team's laundry, that's who I'm rooting for.

We welcomed back a Nelson Cruz after his suspension. No longer wearing the home team's colors? Goodbye and good riddance or good luck, depending on your perspective.

The way things are today, I root for laundry. For better, or for worse, that's the way it is. And it's a lot less messy that way.

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