Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Love BCS Chaos

Here in the Cheap Seats, we don't have a dog in the BCS hunt.  Sure, we have our likes and dislikes,  but we are D-II.

However, if we do have a rooting interest, it is chaos.  The games on 11/17/2012 did not disappoint.

The BCS has lucked out more times than not in getting the right matchup for the BCS Trophy Bowl.  This year, their luck may have run out.

There are still games to be played.   The college football gods may still smile upon the BCS.  But as things stand right now, it's a no win situation.

If Notre Dame defeats Southern Cal next week, they will finish undefeated and earn a spot in the BCS Trophy Bowl.  But who might they face?  Probably the winner of the SEC Championship game.  Either of which would have at least one loss.  Right or wrong, that's probably how it plays out.

If Notre Dame loses to USC,  then what?  Then the SEC champion is almost assured a spot.  After that, who knows.

Either scenario creates a bunch of angry people.

This year, the new four team format might not be the answer.  But it would be an improvement.  Who in their right mind would want to play Texas A&M right now?  A two loss team with no shot.  But might just be playing better than anyone else in the country right now.

The FBS postseason is broken.  It is the best regular season in all of sports.  Could have the best of both.

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  1. It should be interesting to see how things play out...If ND loses, then the national championship will likely be an all-SEC affair.