Sunday, February 15, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday

You've seen some of this in previous posts, but here's all the music I've been loving the past week:

Stumbled upon this Seattle-based alt rock/Americana singer/songwriter on Bandcamp.

Here's Kate Lynne Logan with "Whiskey Sea" from her album Animal Dreams.

Maybe because it's February, it seems like what I've been loving lately has been on the more melancholy introspective side. But the new Butch Walker record Afraid of Ghosts is so good. I wrote more about it here. This is what may or may not be my favorite track, "21+".

I promise more diversity next time, but this really is what I'm loving right now. So here's another singer/songwriter. From her Blackbirds album, here is Gretchen Peters with "Black Ribbons".

Sometimes I don't even remember how I find stuff. This is the case with Salvation Jayne, a blues rock outfit hailing from Kent, England. This is "Black Eyes" from their three song digital record I'll Be Damned! Good stuff if you like your blues a little rocked out and dirty.

Lastly, this one comes from an album I've been looking forward to for months. The latest Blackberry Smoke record Holding All The Roses came out last week. I was not disappointed. These countrified Southern rockers delivered. Here's "Let Me Help You (Find The Door)". Warning: a couple of maybe NSFW words, depending on where you're at.

That's what I've been loving. Hope I at least expanded you musical horizons beyond what's played on the radio.

What I'm Loving Wednesday


  1. I do like that I can hear some new (to me) music on here! :) Thanks for expanding our music listening! Have a great day! Thanks for linking up!


    1. All the stuff this week is new to me also. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Can't listen to the songs right now since I'm at work but thanks for linking up w/ us!!!