Saturday, June 28, 2014

Southern Rock is Alive and Well

OK. So we are all annoyed by the guys yelling out "Play some Skynyrd" or "Freebird". And, yeah, that still goes on. The band doesn't appreciate it. Most of the patrons don't either.

But, you know what? There are plenty of bands out there keeping Southern Rock alive. Do they all play "Freebird"? Nope. Do they rock in the spirit of Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top, the Allmans, Charlie Daniels, etc.? A resounding yes to that.

In the past I've been more than willing to say "Today's music sucks".  Well, yeah, some of it does. But some of it is really good. Here are some bands doing Southern Rock justice.

Whiskey Myers: My personal favorite. And, as a caveat, I can be swayed by the fact that they hail from Texas. Their latest record Early Morning Shakes is pure, unadulterated Southern Rock, no matter how it's categorized now.

Blackberry Smoke: I have to give them proper credit.  They were my gateway into looking for more modern Southern Rock. I first heard them and was intrigued. Are there really still Southern Rock bands out there? Yes, yes there are. And Blackberry Smoke is at the pinnacle.

Preacher Stone is pretty unknown but they bring it. Although they don't want to be known as a Southern Rock band, but rather a rock band from the South I'm including them anyway.

There are many more. And that excites me. Search, dig and find the music you like. Don't let anyone else dictate what you listen to.


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    1. Anthony,

      That's pretty vague. Interesting how?

  2. I really like Whiskey Myers, glad you mentioned them! I really dig this Blackberry Smoke song. I've listened to their entire "The Whippoorwill" album and thought there were some standout tracks, but there were also some that fell flat for me. This is my first time hearing Preacher Stone, and I am definitely digging their sound. Reminds me of '90's country mixed with Southern Rock.

    1. Thanks, Mrs W. I'm a big fan Southern Rock and just glad that there are new people making it. I'll keep featuring artists as I come across them and deem them worthy. ;)