Sunday, May 4, 2014

The NBA: Interesting Series, Unwatchable Basketball

I generally do not care for or watch much NBA, especially during the regular season. Once the playoffs roll around, I usually give a cursory view until the finals when I'll watch more.

The first round this year has been so compelling, I have found myself watching more than usual. While the series have been interesting, the basketball itself has not.

I'll admit it, I just don't get the NBA game. There are periods of fantastic basketball interrupted by guys auditioning for parts in low-rent community theater.

I mean guys fishing for contact and acting as though they've been hit by a runaway train at the brush of a feather, or worse yet, with no contact whatsoever is not becoming of professional athletes.

I've seen flopping before (Vlade Divac anyone?), and I've seen some spectacular dives in soccer. But what is going on in the NBA is neither flopping nor spectacular. It's just really, really bad theater. As a casual fan, it turns me off and makes me think my decision to not really care about anything NBA is warranted.

For the diehards, have fun with rest of the playoffs. I don't see the excitement of the first round continuing. With the basketball unwatchable at times, I'll be concentrating on my blog and watching baseball. Maybe I'll tune in for the finals. Or maybe some series gets interesting. Other than that, I'm out.

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  1. The flopping was even worse before the new rules and fines - if you can believe it... It is ridiculous