Saturday, March 25, 2017

EP Spotlight: Delta Rae - A Long And Happy Life

As the weather warms up in late March, it is the perfect time for light, fun music. With their latest EP A Long And Happy Life, Delta Rae delivers.

A Long And Happy Life is just four songs, but four very good songs. Including the slower, more introspective "No Peace In Quiet". The other three are fun, upbeat and perfect for the changing of the season.

Is there anything groundbreaking here? Nope. Just four excellent songs that I've had on repeat for the past two days. There is just something infectious about the songs and the twin lead vocals and interplay of Britanny Holljes (pronounced "Hole-Jess) and Liz Hopkins.

Do I prefer nine to eleven song albums? Yes. But if you're going to make a four song EP, do it like this or like Lindi Ortega's. Make sure every song is killer and you have my attention.

Find A Long And Happy Life here:

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  1. Leon

    Hmm...4 songs huh? May as well check this out. Don't know this band from what I can tell they're a rock band gone country (or Americana or whatever). However, unlike the typical act (Steven Tyler, Bret Michaels), at least this sounds good.

    1. They haven't "gone" anything. They're just doing their own thing, what people choose to label it is on those people. It is more country than 90% of mainstream radio, but definitely not traditional. itunes stuck them in their country charts. Anywell, I like it.

    2. Hence the "or Americana or whatever" add on. I just mean I've heard people in the country universe talking about this (in addition to you) so I just assumed. We don't have to worry about the semantics of it though. I'll give it a listen and get back to you