Sunday, June 19, 2016

Album Spotlight: Elizabeth Cook: Exodus to Venus

Elizabeth Cook's latest release Exodus to Venus is swampy. Sure, Exodus to Venus is other things as well: bluesy, soulful, country-tinged with Southern Rock accents, a little bit funky. But the best descriptor for me is swampy. And swampy is good. Very good in the case of Exodus to Venus.

It's been a few years since Cook's last album, 2010's Welder. And it was well worth the wait. From Cook's website she says that people were tweeting her asking if she's keeping it country, "No I'm keeping it real. Not to a genre, but to what theses songs are." If this is the real Elizabeth Cook, bring it on in large doses.

The album is real and really raw and exposed.

Exodus to Venus is not going to be make any summer party playlists, but if you just want some fantastic introspective music to listen to while sitting on the porch drinking your favorite beverage late in the evening, put this on.

This is easily my favorite album of 2016 that I have heard so far.

Here is the video for "Slow Pain" from the album:

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