Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Album Spotlight: Dolly Shine: Walkabout

If you want to dig through my tweets you can find where I called Dolly Shine a "generic Texas country" band. That was before I heard Walkabout. Can one album change everything? Nope. But it can change a mind going forward.

Walkabout is by far the best thing Dolly Shine has done. There is a lot on Walkabout. A lot of country, some rock, some bluesy stuff, some swamp (and if you read regularly, you know I like swamp).

There were some lineup changes between the last output and Walkabout. Whatever the reasons, the results speak for themselves. And they self-admittedly recorded this album for the first time as band. It shows.

Here is "Rattlesnake" from the album Walkabout:

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