Wednesday, October 16, 2013

College Football Targeting

This whole targeting thing in college football is all out of whack. Not that we think it's a bad thing to penalize targeting. It's just that whole implementation is way off.

Just to refresh your memories, an official can throw a penalty flag for a targeting foul and marks off 15 yards and the player is tossed from the game. But then, the replay booth can reverse the game expulsion. But the 15 yard mark off still stands.That's just stupid.

We propose a different scenario:

Throw the flag. Make the call for targeting. Mark off the 15 yards. That's it. For now, at least.

If we want to keep a possible suspension associated with targeting, let the replay determine that. After the fact.

Have all targeting fouls be reviewed. By someone. Set it up. If the video review shows it to be actual targeting, then suspend the perpetrator for the next game.

The way it is set up now is just backwards.

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