Sunday, October 27, 2013

Be Like.........Sammy

If you grew up with the "Be Like Mike" ad campaigns as we did, you can relate. If you are lost on that reference, here's the Cliff's Notes version:

"Be Like Mike" was in reference to being like Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player. Ever. That is not up for debate here.

But Jordan never seemed to be happy. Always searching for something more.

In the Cheap Seats, we propose "Be Like Sammy".

Sammy? Sammy who?

Why, Sammy Hagar, of course.


The dude has been rocking out for 40 years. And rocking out his way.

Listen to Sammy's stuff from Montrose, through his solo stuff, with HSAS, the Van Halen years, with the Cabos and Chickenfoot. He's put the Hagar stamp on everything along the way.

The most glaring example of that is with Van Halen. The consistency of Van Halen has been Eddie's guitar and Alex's drumming. That is unmistakable. But when Hagar was in the band, they sounded like Hagar.

And when Hagar was in the band, that was when the band was the most fun. Sammy brings the fun.

We just saw Sammy's Birthday Bash on AXStv. 66th birthday. And, in a word, it was fun.

So, yeah, we want to be like Sammy.

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