Friday, April 5, 2013

Josh Hamilton and Laundry

Here in the Cheap Seats, we are long time fans of the Texas Rangers.  Almost since their inception in 1972. Although we were four years old at the time.  But as soon as we had an understanding of baseball, we were fans.

We have seen many great players come and go over the years.  While they were wearing out team's laundry, we were their fans.  As soon as they changed uniforms, they became the enemy.  So it goes in this age of free agency and players changing teams on a regular basis.

Josh Hamilton made his return to Arlington this week in the uniform of the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim California.  The hated rival.  Based on that alone, he could not have envisioned a lovefest.

Had it simply been a case of Hamilton taking more money and moving on, so be it.  Thanks for the memories, Josh.  Now you're playing for the enemy.  Don't expect the red carpet when you waltz back into town, but best of luck (but not too much).

But no, couldn't be that simple.  Couldn't, as the Bible says, hold the tongue.  Had to disparage Rangers' fans.  That is where the real rub is.

As Rangers' fans, we can understand leaving for more money.  But after you sign with the Rangers' biggest rival, for more money, and claim God was telling you southern California was where you needed to be, don't call us out as being bad fans.

Rangers' fans embraced Josh from the start.  And we were rewarded with two World Series appearances, which we will be eternally grateful.

Rangers' fans aslo booed Hamilton at the end of 2012 when his play was abhorrent.  That's what fans do.

As for us, we will be rooting for the current band of one-gloved, bat wielding mercenaries who currently wear the laundry of the Texas Rangers.

Sorry Josh, don't expect to be welcomed with unconditional love back to the Claw and Antler Nation.

You're wearing the wrong laundry.

And check your tongue with your baggage.

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