Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best of 3 vs. Best of 5

Here in the Cheap Seats, we have long been proponents of the best of five for men's tennis in the majors.

Not so much anymore.

The game has become more physical. Wear and tear on the body has become more pronounced.  This is not your father's tennis.

Does the drama of the the five set match outweigh the consequences?  In today's tennis world, we think not.

At Indian Wells we saw Martin del Potro play three straight three set matches in the quarters, semins and finals.  All three matches were fantasitc tennis.

All the drama was present in all three matches.  And it was more urgent.

Too many times in the major events, the winner of a long five set match puts up little resistance in the next round's match.

We think the improvement of the overall quality of matches would outweigh the loss of a few epic five setters.

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