Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tommy Tuberville Flees Texas Tech for Cincinnati

Former Texas Tech head football Tommy Tuberville has fled the Big 12 for the browner pastures of the Big East.  Tuberville is going to be the new head coach for Cincinnati.

While his abilities to coach a major college football program may be debated, he is by no means a dumb individual.  Tuberville had to see the writing on the wall.  Unless 2013 provided a miraculous turnaround for the Red Raiders, he was going to be gone anyway.  We think he took the Cincy job as a parachute.  A nice landing spot.

While we are not defending Tuberville here, it was a no-win situation from the beginning.  For any coach.  Especially if you did not repeat the success of the beloved former coach.  After Mike Leach was unceremoniously booted from the South Plains amid controversy, speculation and allegations and not to be overlooked, Craig James, no coach had a chance with the Red Raider faithful.  Maybe Nick Saban.  Or Urban Meyer.  But even that is debatable.

Heads up Kevin Sumlin.  Your offensive coordinator (and former TTU quarterback) may be getting a job offer soon.  Kliff Kingsbury's days in College Station may be numbered.

And Tuberville leaves Lubbock with this lasting impression.

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  1. Tuberville doesnt need to let the door hit him on his buttocks as he departs Red Raider Nation, of which he never was a part.