Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rush: An Epiphany

We have always been fans of Rush.  Yes, Rush, the Canadian power trio.

As we were watching a documentary on the band, something that guitarist Alex Lifeson said rang true with what my wife and sister said.

We were at a Rush concert a little over a year ago.  My sister, here husband, my wife and I.  As it is at a typical Rush show, over 90% of the crowd was male.  My wife and sister were talking about how they had never really thought about a band being a guy band, but Rush was definitely a guy band.

Personally, we never really thought about it.  Rush rocks.  End of story.  Never really gave much thought about them being a guy band.  We just liked the music.  Also, we never actually cared.  Just liked the music.

In the documentary, Alex Lifeson says (paraphrasing just a tad) "When we started almost 100% of our fans were male.  Through the years, almost 100% of our fans are male."

We suppose this means Rush epitomizes the guy band.

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  1. I never did listen to Rush...My sisters were big Bon Jovi fans.