Thursday, July 5, 2012

MLB All Star Whiners.........Stop It

OK, with everything that requires a selection of some sort, someone is going to get snubbed.  The selection of the MLB All Star teams is no exception.  Some complaints have merit, but really, all the whining is quite unbecoming.

Hey, it's a popularity contest for the most part - especially the fan vote.  Mets GM Sandy Alderson, really?  Here are the details.  Totally uncalled for complaining of David Wright not being voted in by fans.  He was named to the team.  Here's your cheese, Mr. Alderson.

And then the sad case of A.J. Pierzynski of the White Sox.  Was passed over by the fans, the players and the manager.  Three time loser at the candy store.  Dude, maybe its you.

Sure, in a perfect world, the best players would get chosen each year, but it's fan driven.  We vote for who we want to see.  Get over it.

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