Saturday, June 2, 2018

Album Spotlight: Lindsay Ell - The Project

Lindsay Ell's The Project came out in August of 2017. I heard it for the first time last week. And, wow, is it good.

The Canadian born singer/songwriter/guitarist put together and interesting, eclectic 12 song collection on The Project. Elements of pop, pop-country, funk, blues, and maybe some disco litter the record. Four words I would use to describe the record are: bright, tight, loose and jangly.

Wait, what? Two of those words are diametrically opposed and how can it be all of those?

Let me explain.

Bright - There is nothing dark about the sound of this album. Even on the songs with heavier subject matter, the music is always bright.

Tight - The rhythm section, bass and drums, are tight. On every track. And they are real people playing real instruments. No drum machines. It's an organic tightness between professional musicians. They provide the perfect pocket for...

Loose - The guitar is loose. Not that the guitar is sloppy, but such a tight pocket by the rhythm section allows a freedom for the guitar parts, which are a lot of times...

Jangly - I know that's not a real word. But I think you can get the gist of what I'm trying to convey.

For me, The Project is a difficult album to write about. As an entire entity if fits nowhere on the music genre spectrum. Which I love, but confuses some people. Some songs could be placed in certain genres, but to parse those songs out and place them would be a disservice to what this album is about.

The Project isn't about trying to find a home, a genre. It's about Lindsay Ell putting out the music that she makes. And that makes it infinitely better than trying to do the former. Country, rock and pop fans can all finds something to like on this album. Fans of good music can find a lot to like about this album.

Those of you that regularly read my ramblings (thanks for that) may be wondering about the swamp. Well, not really any swamp here. Not everything that's good needs swamp. This is one of those albums. But what The Project has is real people playing real instruments (I may have mentioned that, but it's important to me), and playing them well.

So here a couple of songs.