Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Album Spotlight: Danielia Cotton - The Mystery of Me

For anyone who doubts Spotify as a music discovery device, you're not using it correctly. While it is The Mystery of Me just blew me away.
not my main music discovery vehicle (I rely on blogs and social media for a lot of it), it can be very effective. Spotify recommended for me Danielia Cotton. Never heard of her before from anywhere. Her latest album

The Mystery of Me is a rock album akin to the rock albums I grew up listening to. Rockers, ballads, swamp, blues, Motown and soul all rolled up into something interesting and entertaining. Think a funkier, bluesier Southern Rock with a Lzzy Hale/Janis Joplin vocal mashup.

If you like diversity in an album, The Mystery of Me has it. If you need lyrical depth in an album, this one has it as well.

There is not going to be any in-depth analysis here, words just get in the way of listening to good music.

Here is "Set Me Free" from the album. Enjoy.

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  1. (Zack)

    I've discovered a lot of acts I like that nobody else is talking about from Spotify. I also rely on a site called FTB Podcasts. Usually there's a lot of crap but every now and then I find something to love. Aside from that I rely on (a select number of) blogs to help me. The good music is out there and is easier to find than ever. So everyone is out of excuses at this point.

    Anyway, I liked the first couple songs here but it sort of lost me until the end. She's got a tremendous voice though. Plus I always love seeing you write about something. Happy New Year!