Monday, December 5, 2016

Year End Lists

So everybody does year end lists. Nothing original there. And I'll do mine. Doing some heavy listening right now to decide.

I do one list: top 10 albums. That's it. Some like to do song lists as well, I'm an album fan. If the album doesn't do it for me, that one song doesn't deserve mention. Others also include worst lists. I don't have the time nor energy to listen to stuff I hate, much less write about it.

And my list has criteria. No mainstream or popular artists. They don't need my recommendation. There will be no Metallicas or Eric Churches on my list (I'm actually having a dilemma on this because of a once popular artist that is no longer played on radio has one of my favorite albums this year). And this may seem obvious, but it is limited to albums I've actually listened to. Several times.

My list is by no means meant to be a "Best of", just the albums I've listened to in 2016 that resonated with me. There will be country-ish stuff, Americana (whatever you want to define that as) and various forms of rock. It's just music I liked in 2016 wrapped up in one tidy year-end package. That's all.

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